We develop among its pupil, all-round abilities, as well as team spirit by exposing them to diverse field of activities be it studies, athletics, games, art, music or dance etc.


Bhanpura Public School has a well equipped system of transportation which has route - wise buses of its own. We have got a fleet of buses that escort the students to school and back home. Our team of drivers and conductors are professionally trained and totally committed in discharging their duties to ensure effective functioning of this system. They take personal care to transport the children safely. It is ensured that all students are seated during their journey. There is sufficient place for all. No student is allowed to stand at the door or hang out of the bus. Also no student is allowed to travel by any other of our school buses rather than the bus in which he/she is entitled to travel by. Every bus has a conductor who ensures that discipline is maintained in the bus. The drivers keep up their time well so that they never need to speed in order to reach the school on time.

This facility is not only available to the students but also to the teachers who come from out of Bhanpura. We have got separate conveyance for those teachers who come from a distance. The bus service and conveyance for the teachers is free of cost.