We develop among its pupil, all-round abilities, as well as team spirit by exposing them to diverse field of activities be it studies, athletics, games, art, music or dance etc.


The area covers a huge background as far as the filed of Academics in concerted:-

  1.  The learning is through playful and activity manner.
  2. The syllabus in designed to help students in understanding the concepts and gain competence through adequate practice.
  3. Developing talents and skills from every winner of career development.
  4. Space has been Provided at the end of every task/activity/exercise/practice to guide the students accomplishments.
  5. Regular Class tests, Monday tests, monthly tests and project – oriented learning.
  6. Contextualized and integrated grammar sceneries.
  7. Practical applications of  teaching methodology in day-to-day life.
  8. Regular communication classes graced to equip the growing learners to write and communicate effectively in English.
  9. Well-equipped science Laboratory is available for our junior scientists. Lab technician guides them about experiment and equipment.

In the field of Co-curricular activities, we have achieved a legendary success. Either it may be a sport Event, a cultural Event, Science Olympiad or any other, our students have honored our Bhanpura Public School in various streams. All could be possible through our skilled and expert instructors. Now, we have well trained and skilled sports faculties, dance trainees. Etc. their main aim is to create a helping environment so that children can easily access and respond them.   
As regards other co-curricular areas, experienced and highly talented, skilled personalities are sought guidness  and training from and other mini- metro cities during any occasion or celebration.